Average price of books

I have just discovered a very useful and practical site from the Western Australian Department of Education’s CMIS section. It contains information about the average cost of books each year (fiction, non-fiction, big books, paperback/hardback). I could see this being extremely helpful in the future in preparing information for budgets, funding submission and insurance claims. It includes ideas for how you can use the information and explains how the information is compiled

Thanks to Ev Read via Alison Lochrin on the OZTL-NET list for the link.


About robynstlreflections

I never expected to become a teacher. After graduating from Sydney Univeristy with a BA (Hons), I worked for a couple of years before "going bush". When I started working as a governess I discovered that I enjoyed teaching, so studied for a Grad Dip Ed. After teaching in public schools in the Northern Territory for two years then in Queensland for 10 more, I moved back to NSW with my family in 2009. Now it's time for a change in direction. I've always enjoyed introducing my students discover the joys of literature and I'm excited by the educational possibilities developing in the digital world. So in 2010 I've begun studying by Distance Education for a Masters in Education in Teacher Librarianship with Charles Sturt University.
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