A lesson learned (backup, backup, backup)

I’ve learned a lesson the hard way today. Don’t depend on what you’re told when you’re updating software. And always backup your bookmarks/ favourites, or be prepared to lose them 😦

Yes, you can guess what has happened to me. I’ve been having trouble getting access to the readings that are linked on EBSCOhost – sometimes they’re fine, other times I can’t access them at all through the link (though, curiously, seem to be able to link just fine through the library). This has been happening with maddening frequency and with no rhyme nor reason as to why (maybe I’m holding my mouth wrong?) I checked out the CSU library forum and found there has been a problem with EBSCOhost recently for Macs using Firefox. Bingo!

So, as directed, I updated my version of Firefox, which was definitely old (I couldn’t believe it was a 2007 version!). And I took Firefox at their word when they said my bookmarks would transfer with no problems to the new version.

You can guess, can’t you?

So, I opened up my shiny new version of Firefox and went to log back into Interact.

Hang on, where’s my Interact bookmark? In fact, where are the @$#% bookmarks for the last 3 months? All those wonderful TL-related sites I wanted to check out when I had more time??? Nooooooooooooo!!!!

Moral of the story:



(Especially websites you bookmarked after serendipitous searches).

Tonight’s job – to investigate a web-based bookmarking program. (Been meaning to check out Delicious for a while. Looks like I have a good reason to do so now.)

Now where’s that bottle of wine I’ve been saving for a special occasion?

Acknowledgment: My hat is off to the very clever Lim Chee Aun, who played around with the Firefox logo. Sometimes a picture certainly does say a thousand words.


About robynstlreflections

I never expected to become a teacher. After graduating from Sydney Univeristy with a BA (Hons), I worked for a couple of years before "going bush". When I started working as a governess I discovered that I enjoyed teaching, so studied for a Grad Dip Ed. After teaching in public schools in the Northern Territory for two years then in Queensland for 10 more, I moved back to NSW with my family in 2009. Now it's time for a change in direction. I've always enjoyed introducing my students discover the joys of literature and I'm excited by the educational possibilities developing in the digital world. So in 2010 I've begun studying by Distance Education for a Masters in Education in Teacher Librarianship with Charles Sturt University.
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